Unfortunately, Barter Theatre isn't able to hire at this time due to COVID-19 based hardships. Please check back in the upcoming months for updates.

Youth Auditions for Barter Theatre

Barter Theatre seeks young actors for BARTER’S 2020 SEASON

We are seeking the following:
• 4 young girls or boys for Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz, no taller than 4’10”
• 3 young girls, doubled, for The Weird Sisters in Macbeth, no taller than 5’0”

If auditioning for The Wizard of Oz: please prepare one monologue no longer than 60 seconds, and one song no longer than 60 seconds. You must bring sheet music with you (you can’t be seen without some sort of sheet music); an accompanist will be provided. Some auditionees may be asked to stay to read from the play and/or dance.

If auditioning for Macbeth: please prepare one monologue no longer than 60 seconds. We will also send you a portion of the script to be familiar with for your audition.

If auditioning for both The Wizard of Oz and Macbeth, please prepare one monologue no longer than 60 seconds, and one song no longer than 60 seconds. You must bring sheet music with you (you can’t be seen without some sort of sheet music); an accompanist will be provided. We will also send you a portion of the Macbeth script to be familiar with for your audition.

Rehearsals for The Wizard of Oz begin on March 10th, and the show begins previews on June 10 and runs through August 23rd.
These roles for The Wizard of Oz include 1 swing actor to fill in when needed.

Rehearsals for Macbeth begin on March 3rd, and the show begins previews on March 26th and runs through April 19th.
These roles for Macbeth will likely be double cast, so young actors may not be called for every performance.

There is a place to include any conflicts you have on the audition forms; we ask that you come ready to list all conflicts at the audition so we can take them into consideration while casting. The date and time of each performance is on our website at www.bartertheatre.com. Each child is paid a stipend for every week that they rehearse or perform the show.

The audition will take place at Barter Theatre’s rehearsal halls (160 Trigg Street—pull to the back of the building, and enter through the glass doors) on Saturday, February 1, 2020 from 10:00am-12:00pm. We ask that you arrive at 9:45am with a parent or guardian to fill out paperwork with contact information and the conflicts that you have between March 3rd and August 23rd.

Please RSVP to bartercastingasst@bartertheatre.com so we can know how many are attending the audition. Please specify whether you’d like to audition for The Wizard of Oz, Macbeth, or both.

Feel free to share this notice with anyone you think might be interested. We hope to see you there!

Barrett Guyton – Barter Theatre Casting

Local Auditions

Barter Theatre holds local auditions in early December each year. We ask for 2 contrasting monologues and part of a song, and we also hold dance/movement auditions. This is the earliest audition we hold for the next season, so it is an excellent time to be seen for the most roles.

Regional Auditions

We also audition in New York early each year through Paul Russell Casting. We attend UPTAs in Memphis in February each year, and we alternate years in other area cities.

Youth Auditions

For actors under 18 years of age, we hold local youth auditions for youth roles. If you’d like to be on our youth audition list to hear about those calls, please email bartercastingasst@bartertheatre.com

What does it mean to be a Barter Player?

Barter Players are some of the finest young actors from across the country who come to Barter Theatre to further their training. We audition over a thousand actors each year for 6 year round positions, and we seek young artists who are committed to growth, who have strong enough skills to step into major roles, and who believe in theatre as a service to others. The Players are the acting apprentices at the theatre. They perform in at least 10 plays during their contract, but usually closer to 12 or 14. Barter Players perform for young audiences in their own shows, and also perform in Barter’s AEA shows in roles small and large. We use the same depth of acting tools on Hamlet and Charlotte’s Web. Because we believe in all theatre artists having an understanding and respect for all parts of theatre, all Barter Players will work backstage of at least one show during their time here, but the bulk of a Players’ experience here is in rehearsal and performances. Rehearsals have a master class feel, as we are constantly working together on each person’s strengths and weaknesses. If you enjoy learning with an ensemble of artists who care about theatre as much as you do, if you are excited to see how far you can push yourself as a theatre artist, if you work best when you are juggling lots of projects, if you don’t mind sweeping a stage before you act on it, if you believe that theatre can change a child’s life for the better, and if you want to see how much you can learn, you might be a Barter Player.

We audition at Barter in early December each year and attend UPTA’s in Memphis in February. For more information on the program, contact Barrett Guyton n at bartercastingasst@bartertheatre.com

This video is from Revel for Explore Theatre: A Backstage Pass by Michael M. O’Hara, Elizabeth A. Osborne, and Judith A. Sebesta.



Barter depends on its amazing group of volunteers! Our volunteers are essential to what we do here at Barter. There are many ways to help support Barter with your time.

Front of House Volunteers

Ushers assist patrons, take tickets, answer questions, sell concessions and ensure the safety and comfort of all of our guests. If you’ve ever seen a show here at Barter, you’ve interacted with some of our wonderful volunteers! For more information about ushering, contact Kenny Davis, House Manager volunteer@bartertheatre.com.

Intern with Barter

If you are interested in an internship with Barter Theatre, please send a resume and cover letter to the appropriate department.

Acting Apprenticeships and The Barter Players

Katy Brown at barterplayers@bartertheatre.com

Technical Internships

Camille Davis at dirofproduction@bartertheatre.com

Marketing Internships

Dan McNeillie at dirofmarketing@bartertheatre.com

Advancement Internships

Jackie Johnson at advancementmgr@bartertheatre.com

Guidelines for the Appalachian Festival of Plays and Playwrights (AFPP)
AFPP usually takes place in July and August, and play submissions are accepted through March. The next AFPP deadline will be in March 2018. Click here for more information on the AFPP.

Plays may be emailed to apfestival@bartertheatre.com

Or mailed to:
Appalachian Festival of Plays and Playwrights
Barter Theatre
P.O. Box 867
Abingdon, VA, 24212-0867

Guidelines for Barter’s Shaping of America Initiative
America began as an idea. Who are we? Where did we come from? How did we get there? “The Shaping of America:” The stories you won’t find in history books. What’s your idea? Submit a proposal for Barter Theatre’s “Shaping of America” Series. Existing full-length scripts are not accepted.

Submissions may be emailed to shapingofamerica@bartertheatre.com

Or mailed to:
Shaping of America
Barter Theatre
P.O. Box 867
Abingdon, VA 24212-0867

Guidelines for other play submissions
Barter also accepts new play proposals that do not fit in to either of the above programs. Please note: Barter does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Barter does not generally produce one-act plays nor plays with extremely urban themes. Barter does produce plays for Young Audiences, whether one-acts or full length. Plays with an Appalachian theme or by an Appalachian playwright are encouraged to submit via Barter Theatre’s Appalachian Festival of Plays and Playwrights. To submit your play for consideration, please use the following guidelines.

Submissions may be emailed to dramaturge@bartertheatre.com

Or mailed to:
Barter Theatre
P.O. Box 867
Abingdon, VA 24212-0867