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Barter together, six feet apart.

We know you are looking for things to do with your family this summer so we have put together a season of family friendly entertainment performed by the Barter Players. Enjoy a live performance from the comfort and safety of your vehicle. Get the sound through your car’s radio, watch the actors live on stage and simulcast on the big screen. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Performances will be Tuesday through Sunday evenings at sundown.

“I am so excited to be a part of a Barter Performance again! Thank you so much for finding a new way for us to support one of the longest standing professional theatres in America”

Matt Haynes
Socially Distanced Spots
Summer Shows
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Safety at the Drive-In

Read about the policies and procedures that are in place to keep everyone safe and healthy. By purchasing a ticket to a Barter at at Moonlite show you are agreeing to abide by the below policies.


Ticketing and Admittance

  • To limit contact between patrons and staff, patrons must purchase tickets, ahead of time, online at bartertheatre.com or over the phone at (276) 628-3991. 
  • There will be no cash transactions at the venue.
  • Barter staff will utilize no contact check-in when patrons arrive at the venue.
  • Entry to the venue will begin 60 minutes prior to showtime and end 15 minutes prior to showtime. No late or re-entry will be permitted under ANY circumstance.
  • Admittance will not be granted to patrons not within a vehicle.
  • Drivers caught concealing non-ticketed people in their vehicle will be turned away, or asked to leave, without a refund.
  • Vehicle windows are to remain closed until the vehicle is parked in its reserved parking area.

Venue Policies

  • Vehicles must park in the center of their reserved parking space.
  • Only one vehicle is permitted per parking space.
  • Based on Governor Northam’s phase two guidelines, patrons will be required to remain in their vehicles, except when visiting the restroom, while in attendance.
  • Portable restrooms will be available and sanitized between each use.
  • Patrons will follow social distance guidelines while not in vehicles.
  • No alcohol, illegal substances, smoking, or vaping will be permitted at the Moonlite Theatre including inside vehicles. This is a zero tolerance policy, Washington County Sheriff’s Office will be called immediately to handle any related issues.
  • No pets are allowed, with exception of service animals defined by the ADA.
  • No fireworks, bullhorns, noisemakers, or laser pointers will be permitted.
  • No remote controlled flying devices will be permitted
  • The first row of parking spaces is reserved for compact cars only. Large vehicles with reservations for compact cars only spots will be reassigned to the back of the venue.
  • Theatre management reserves the right to ask patrons to leave the theatre at any time if venue policies are not honored, or the safety of others is deemed to be in jeopardy.
  • There is a speed limit of 10 MPH inside the Moonlite Theatre grounds.
  • No parking of vehicles overnight.
  • Drivers must follow and obey traffic signs.
  • Entry into all buildings on the Moonlite Theatre grounds is prohibited.

Health Policies

      • According to the State of Virginia and CDC Guidelines, patrons are required to remain inside their vehicles, except as necessary to visit to the restroom.
      • To limit contact between patrons and staff, prior purchase of tickets is required via bartertheatre.com or from the box office over the phone.
      • No cash transactions will be allowed at the venue.
      • The parking capacity of the Moonlite Drive-In will be reduced by half to enable extra space between vehicles.
      • Each vehicle will be parked in the center of a 18 foot wide a reserved parking space, with a limit of one vehicle per space. Parking spaces are 18 feet wide to comply with CDC social distancing guidelines.
      • All Barter Theatre staff at the Moonlite Theatre will wear personal protective equipment.
      • All vehicle windows will remain closed until parked in their designated spots.
      • Box Office staff will remain inside of the glass enclosed ticket booth.
      • No staff will have direct contact with patrons or their vehicles and will wear personal protective equipment at all times. 
      • Box office staff will utilize touchless check-in.

Limitation of Liability

Official liability language here

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Why do I have to stay inside my vehicle?

Governor Northam’s phase two guidelines mandate that patrons at drive in theatres remain in their vehicles except while visiting the restroom.

What shows are you doing?

Beauty and The Best JR, The Wizard of OZ Jr, and a daytime Americana sing along. Visit the shows page for more information.

How did you develop the safety procedures?

These safety procedures were developed with the guidance of our medical advisory board. CLICK HERE to read more about this team.

When will you announce the rest of the season?

After much careful consideration we have decided to approach the rest of the year season by season. We made this choice to ensure that we can stay compliant with government safety regulations while creating experiences that are enjoyable for our patrons. We’ll announce our fall and Christmas plans closer to time.

How do I get tickets?

You can purchase tickets online, by calling the box office, or submit this form to be contacted by a member of our box office staff.

Will there be concessions available?

In accordance with the current CDC and Virginia state government health and safety guidelines concessions will not be available.

How long are the shows?

Shows are 60-90 minutes in one act.

Why are you doing the JR version of these shows?

The junior versions of these shows are shortened versions of the original productions. We chose to keep performances around 60 minutes to cut down on the need for patrons to use the restrooms.

What time do the shows start?

The Wizard of OZ will begin at 8:45 PM and Beauty and The Beast JR will begin at 8:30 PM.

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